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Still humorous

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Let's just hope colossal extraterrestrials - think super-intelligent "Cloverfield" kaiju - don't pay Gaia a visit, see what humans have done to the planet's biosphere, and decide exterminate us for the nest-befouling vermin we appear to be.

Staying in my science-fictional theme, maybe what we need is to create suicide centers like those is the Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson film "Soylent Green," based on the grim and great Harry Harrison novel "Make Room! Make Room!" There are worse ways to die than listening to the first movement of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony while watching gorgeous long-dead pastoral scenes. Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico?

Seriously, I send you a hug for this first Hanukkah without your mother. We are strangers but I will think of you this weekend because like all homo-sapiens we are family.


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well expressed another way it's actually all of us

Per Day per Globe 2022

30,000 ships at sea

350,000 trains

1.4 billion cars

1.3 billion trucks

5000 commercial planes

2660 satellites

195 countries

6000 languages

27,671,000 serving armed forces

$2.11 Trillion worldwide military

10,000 cities

10 million factories

333.2 billion daily emails

1.7 million CEO’s

720,000 hours new content YouTube

2 billion computers

4 billion cell phones

175ZB zettabytes total data

2.5 quintillion bytes of information=the Datome

600 Hyperscale data centers

1.3 million utilities

129,864,880 books

$26.7 trillion global retail sales

$6.5 trillion spent on health care

7.1 million online retail stores

1.160 billion houses

700,000 hotels

530 million refrigerators

1,045,422 brick and mortar stores just in US

2.12 billion tons of waste

53.6 million metric tons of e-waste

60 stock exchanges

3.32 billion workers

8 billion Homo Sapiens

2 billion poor

No Neanderthals

3.04 trillion trees

remain trembling

likewise, my dear reader



that’s 20-quadrillion

various ants on this planet

Tim Donnelly wrong islander

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