Oct 16 • 33M

Who Was The Government Monitoring Before January 6th?

Stewart Rhodes, Enrique Tarrio, The Oath Keepers and The Proud Boys

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What did the FBI and the Secret Service know? And when did they decide to do nothing about it?

Who was the US government monitoring before January 6th?

Who are The Proud Boys? Who is their leader, Enrique Tarrio? When did Enrique Tarrio become an FBI Informer?

Who are The Oath Keepers?

Who is their leader Stewart Rhodes? Why did the leader of the Proud Boys meet with the leader of the Oath Keepers inside a basement garage next door to the Capitol on the night before January 6th?

Why were The Oath Keepers communicating with Donald Trump’s Secret Service weeks before January 6th? What''s in those texts the Secret Service destroyed?

This is a highlight from Episode 1378 of The David Feldman Show

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