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David, you are hitting all our collective nailed heads...all your specific issue observations are, verifiable. Listed out as such, you summarize the State of our Disunion!

But each one (as citizen,taxpayer,consumer) must open one's eyes not blinded by "sides" Behind banners, catch phrases, small print or legalese, we just will not or (worse)can't /won't agree on our Great Commons we share (like water. air & freedom)

We won't admit these issues have Three Truths: My Truth, Your Truth and: The Truth.as Bosch might say

For example, "universal health care" --hear me out, please:

If I could communicate/explain/persuade all our poorly informed fearful people how, when I resided in Germany for 6 years (not military but as a German American resident) I experienced social democracy with all its various aspects firsthand. And how top notch & humane my family's medical care was in Germany (including a serious pregnancy condition of our daughter!) How important the Person is there! Now also realize my parents lost their Long Island NY home due to medical bankruptcy years ago as the other firsthand slap of all slaps. How worlds may /do fall apart.

We hear that Europe & many other countries developed & implemented universal health care (and most, like Germany, at a high cost. BUT rest easy, my ignorant body politic, you won't worry yourself sick or lose your world or have one's cancer care end after one year (as did our friend Catherine -rest in peace) ---- let's say:

Here are One Issue's Components:

Patient/ Doctor surrounding said Medical Issue/ Insurance Plan /Hospital all at odds we feel--nothing works in concert to prevent or get well for Mr. or Mrs. #123776599!

But yet we pay much anyway 'cause that's the way it is.... Then let's report if lived in Better Way World

where nothing is NOT FULLY COVERED, and no savings or loans emptied, or dire economic choices piled atop one's medical battle for Existence....

Right Side wants to privatize Medicare and are 50% there already! If we vote Democratic, we border on Communist give-away which will bankrupt us all we fear FEAR fear...We would have to have the Components(above) redirect to make The Citizen-Patient First and go Right Left up against the Corporate Control as detailed in 450(?) Eye Opening Nader Broadcasts (you are helping us with)

BUT here is my essential longwinded point: that both the Right Winger and the Left Winger must first agree that the Citizen-Patient IS really truly God honestly, FIRST.

This is just one aspect of your List ---One hell of a battlefield

I suggested a while back to both David Barsamian (Alternative Radio) and to Ralph Nader Radio Hour

to have a High Public Debate in the best Civilized Debate Style (almost Socratic)

between the George Will (of The Conservative Sensibility. Hachette Books, 2019.) and Mr. Nader

NOT to show who would "win" there is no winning per se but to help us mere mortals clarify all the pros & cons of each major issue you List AS elucidated from the deep minds of two towering giants of journalistic and political force

Your List David is our list, for sure!! I am detecting these wavelengths too as well as millions of US and Them, but we desperately need superhuman help here to explain our sided positions and find truly common path This can't be such a farfetched Old Mule of an idea ---this is a Gentlemans Highest Intellectual Chess game...essentially it would be Mr. Nader's closest reading and finding positive/negative answers to Mr. Will's deeply felt & thought positions on our Common path

Half of us is here half of us are there

Tim Donnelly

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