Ha! “Invited George Santos over for traditional Jewish Shabbat Dinner. Was most appreciative and said Thursday was good for him.”

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None of us knew how quickly the US Empire would begin collapsing out of its own corruption. Of both empires that rose after WW, the USSR was the first to collapse out of its failed promises and the corruption of the bureaucratic class. Now the US empire is collapsing out of the corruption of its ruling financial oligarchs.

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Lake Como, in case yu didn't know, is in CALIFORNIA!!!!! Home > george clooney#

Migrant Camp Settles Near George Clooney’s Lake Como Home

Anne Sewell - Author

By Anne Sewell

Oct. 17 2017, Updated 4:18 a.m. ET

While celebrities like George Clooney and Madonna enjoy luxurious homes at Lake Como in Italy, that luxurious paradise just got a little more cluttered.

Hundreds of migrants took a turn to Lake Como after their crossing from Milan into Switzerland was recently blocked, and they have now settled in a makeshift camp in the Italian resort.

Reportedly, the railway station has been set up as the makeshift camp for the migrants, where whole families are living, surrounded by their belongings, garbage, and even rats. Now, tensions are mounting as more and more people arrive and set up tents in the luxurious Italian resort.

Lake Como becomes migrant camp after nearby border crossing into Switzerland was closed https://t.co/yuhMNr6kS6 pic.twitter.com/Hh1QQK1eAG

— Scatterbrain Podcast (@ScatterBrainPOD) July 13, 2016

let’s resolve to speak only the truth in 2023.

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You wear a toupee? I could have sworn it's a repurposed merkin.

Thanks for the giggles. Your mockery is the best antidote for these MAGAoids' persistent assault on reality and on democracy.

There's a rumor circulating in the Majority Report's Youtube chat that your lovely long shows with multiple guests are a thing of the past. Say it ain't so, even if you have to lie.


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Santos worked for Ralph Nader before he worked for NY Mets

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Dear gawd “Goldstein”, have you no decency. As I sit here (3:43 am est) Howling. Excellent, hilarious take down. HNY Dave!

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Santos is a flowering of America's embrace of lying from Donald Trump's lies that he won the election to his lying tax returns to his lying denial of the 27 sexual assaults he committed, to his boasts that those lies are the acts of a stable genius. Advertising lies. We are inundated by it. The Ukraine war is a lie that it is a result of Russia's unprovoked invasion" when the state dept. well knew that since Russia shares 1200 miles of border with Ukraine, Russia would not tolerate Ukraine's induction into NATO, a force hostile to Russia.. All this truth is available on the net, but the lying is spread in our media. JFK threatened WW3 to get the Russian base closed b/c it was 90 miles from home. We, the democratic

"free world" leaders condemn invasions, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan not withstanding. Lies are omnipresent.Our democracy, unlike those of Europe & the Scandinavian nations give us a "choice' between 2 capitalist parties? Santo's is a lying poster child, right out there.

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