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Great tour of such recent Gange Greene-ness!! You disrobe this pitiful Empress of Ignorance & Dame Dangerous of Flagrant &Flammable Insights ( i meant blind spots) leading to Make America Worse Agin... but nary a brave(?) or truthful(?)or legitimate(?) Republican (anyone?) lifting any Voice in dispute or just simply advising HER:" just shut up, Marjorie, just shut up". Well, if this little greenie doesn't shake up all our ignorance, selfishness and apathy-I don't know what will...--always our human (Sapien)limitations, but this Evolving End Game of Civilization, increasing in its complexity & rules & stakes & Peril, needs such clarity & heathy consensus ... Community, communities, we lost/lose in obfuscated issues we THINK DIVIDE US!!! Isn't there a few good common paths?

(Listen to that Grand Naderian message: corporate greed control of all).

Squeaking hell fire like hers has followers! (wow)

like the Supreme Odious Other who blesses her with Palin Water (no doubt who loves her disruptions)

Keep on laser cutting through all this sapien ignorance we carry .... such succinct commentary and editing

thank you

Tim Donnelly of Wrong Island NY

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